Coming from a home where my mother works in fashion, and my father, who is an engineer, my interests in creative business, developed quickly. From an early age, my friends from pre-school and I started working on mini-sketches.

During my third year of secondary school, I decided to start studying at Cibap in Zwolle as an audio-visual designer. Which I graduated from last February (2020). In 2016 my three best friends and I started our own video production company called: “De FilmBroeders“. We mostly made videos for relatives and small businesses in Enschede. This insight at being entrepreneurs taught us a lot of discipline and great insights on how to run your own business.

I proved different internships, one at a Front/Back-end developer, where I made websites for various clients. I then transferred to the film department of my school and started my internship at VERYRARE Agency in Amsterdam, where I did some fantastic projects. And last, but not least, I did my Production internship at Wolfstreet. This is where I learned the most. Thanks to their trust and confidence, I managed to develop my knowledge about productions and the industry very quickly.

However, the most important lesson I learned is how to manage and produce a video and how much pre-work is needed to create the best possible result of a video or production.

While I am still expanding my knowledge of film production and web development, I am more than open for new collaborations, inquiries and everything in between.